Let the Detox Begin!

Posted on 26 May 2013

As I make my final preparations for my upcoming trip to Isle Royale National Park, it occurred to me that for a full five days — yea verily, 120 continuous hours — I’ll be “going without” for a handful of things for which I don’t normally abstain. Including, in no particular order: Cigars, Scotch, Internet, caffeine, diet Coke and the news.

Five days without these things. Whilst foraging in the backcountry on a rocky archipeligo in northwest Lake Superior. The only “electronics” I’ll have, besides my flashlight and watch, are my camera and my handheld ham radio. No cell towers. No Twitter. No email. No texting. I am, however, bringing a book (The Nichomachean Ethics) and a lightweight candle-powered reading lamp. Heck, I’m even using a paper chart and compass and “blogging” by means of a Moleskine notebook.

I’m either coming back refreshed and renewed, or a first-class troll who needs to indulge before he goes postal. Let the oddsmaking begin.

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